How do I choose my bra size?
Because The Anywhere Bra is "athleisure" inspired, it tends to fit more snug than a traditional bra. When selecting the appropriate size, consider the fact that your breasts are going to get larger, sometimes double or triple your pre-pregnancy size. If you're purchasing before this transformation takes place, you most probably need to purchase one size larger than your current size. For best results, we recommend ordering as close to your due date as possible so you are more aware of your new sizing. 
Also, as always, if you need help, let us know and we are happy to assist with your selection!

Does the bra fit like a sports bra or a traditional bra?

Our bra certainly shares more qualities of a sports bra than a traditional bra, but comfort was not an oversight. Our goal was to create a bra that moms could wear from pregnancy through the dog days of breastfeeding & pumping. With an athleisure style, soft blend of fabrics that allow for breast size fluctuation, it may stay in your rotation for years to come.