The Ollie Gray Story
The first time Kate Rech had a baby, she was surprised there were no good options for hands-free pumping bras. When she had her second child and there were still none available, she decided something had to be done.
As she asked around, Kate found hundreds of other women who shared her frustration. So she set out to create a bra that could be used for hands-free pumping, but would still be comfortable and fashionable enough to wear anytime, anywhere, really.

And with that, The Anywhere Bra™ was born

Kate and her husband Bryce teamed up with former lululemon designer Cara Sumpton to fashion a bra so comfortable and so innovative it could do more than any pump bra on the market, with a sense of style and fashion fit for the runway.

Kate is an all-around busy mom of two beautiful children: Loughlin and Olivia Gray. She’s an avid spinning, running and yoga enthusiast in addition to designing and operating the Ollie Gray company. When she’s not busy perfecting seams, colors, patterns, and product boxes, she runs a boutique family law firm with her husband Bryce.

Cara Sumpton launched her career at lululemon Athletica where she quickly rose from a junior designer to leading and designing for three different divisions over the span of eight years. She has travelled extensively around the world, and has turned down executive position offers from several global retail chains to pursue her own goals in the freelance technical design field, acquiring a Masters Degree in Sustainable Design along the way.

Prior to co-founding Ollie Gray, Bryce began his career on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas marketing one of Baja’s most sought after properties. After marrying his best friend Kate, the two decided to team up and launch a boutique law firm, focused primarily on family law. With over 12 years of branding and business operations experience, Bryce is excited to change the world’s view of what a maternity bra should be. A man in the maternity bra world? It’s just crazy enough to work.